Portable Fire Extinguisher Trainer EGERIA TG-8
September 2017

The Fire Extinguisher Trainer EGERIA TG-8 is used to provide trainings of practical extinguish fires from groups A and B with handheld firefighting equipment. Its main purpose is to teach extinguish fire using the extinguishers with mass of the load up to 6 kg.

It can also be used to teach extinguish fire with the water extinguishers and water currents from the inside hydrants. By use of the "live" fire, students learn how to extinguish fire in the conditions very similar to this in real fire situation. They fully feeling the impact of thermal radiation and learn effective ways of extinguish fire. Training with live fire enables to learn how to locate an extinguishing agents in the burning zone to get the fastest extinguish effect of the particular extinguishing current type.

To watch the video about TG-8 on YouTube please click here.


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